Hafan Student is the trading name of S&C Properties who have provided quality accommodation for students in Bangor for over a decade.

Why choose our properties?

  • Most of our properties are located in Upper Bangor, close to the main university buildings, which is very convenient for many students. Others are closer to Bangor City centre which suits many students, especially if they are looking for lower rent and convenience of walking to the high street within 5 minutes.
  • All inclusive rental packages cover all utilities (gas, electricity and water) as well as Fibre Broadband and TV licence.
  • We are accredited by Rent Smart Wales who act as a licensing authority for landlords and agents across Wales who are required to comply with the Housing (Wales) Act 2014.
  • Whilst we are required by Rent Smart Wales and by Gwynedd Council to meet certain requirements for safety and comfort, our aim is always to ensure that our properties exceed the standards that have been set for student accommodation.
  • Regular gas, electric and fire safety checks are carried out to ensure the safety of all tenants.
  • Our properties are furnished practically, with students in mind. All property include a washer and dryer so there is no concern about drying clothes in winter. Rooms are provided with double beds where possible.
  • A Whatsapp group is set up for each house to ensure swift and effective communication between tenants and ourselves.
  • We aim to rectify any maintenance issues within 24 hours whenever possible, and have British Gas Emergency cover for electric, plumbing and drains, so that urgent problems are resolved as soon as possible.
  • There are no booking fees, retainers or costs associated with estate agents as we directly deal with the tenants.
  • We provide proper tenancy agreements and use the Deposit Protection Scheme for deposits.
  • We have good knowledge of Bangor, and can help students who come from outside of Bangor and overseas with anything they want to know about what's in and around Bangor.

Hafan Student
Bangor, Gwynedd, North Wales
07966 143768

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